Live Cannabis for Caregivers Session (virtual) for April

Episode 21. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 07 minutes 45 seconds.

Would you like to meet other people via an easy to use technology available to almost everyone?

All you need is a phone.

Would you enjoy listening in or talking with other people just like you who are curious about medical or non medical cannabis?

It would be welcoming from here in Ohio to connect with other like minds as well as people with differing opinion and points of view. All without hours of travel and undue expense. Right?

For the month of April (2017) I’m hosting a live Cannabis for Caregivers session you can dial in to from almost any phone on the planet. From home, work or any comfortable place where you are. Even if you just want to listen in.

The live and open session is…

When: Thursday, April 6, 2017
Time: 11 am EDT (New York) until 12 pm EDT (60 minutes)
Where: 712-432-3100 then enter 220365 for  access
Cost: Free (check with your mobile service provider for any charges or restrictions)

Talking about cannabis (aka marijuana) doesn’t focus on one conversation. There are many ways to explore if you’re curious. And if you are curious about cannabis, you’re not alone.

Now I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Why would you connect to a live group call to talk about cannabis with strangers?

I can’t speak for anyone else but here’s a look at my stance on almost all things cannabis. There are enough talking points in a Cannabis (aka Marijuana) Decree to have adult conversations about (and a bigger picture is here).

And I want to hear your stance on all things cannabis and your good news on the subject. Between the digital ink words and the spoken ones I’ve said enough. It’s time for me to listen.

Are we on the same page or am I just one more bat shit crazy old white guy that enjoys marijuana? If we are on the same page, then lets connect with other people who are on that same page with us.

Helping other people meet each other, and possibly helping people help each other (if the shoe fits) is the mission at hand. When that happens just one time then the whole experiment is a success.

Any adult is welcome to join in the April call. The session call is hosted live on a free US based tele-conference service that most people can easily connect to by phone.

Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virgina lets all make as many real connections with each other as we can. Afterall, we are already in each other’s backyards.

Hear you there on Thursday, April 6 at 11 am – 12 pm EDT for our virtual conversation!

And if you’re on Twitter there will be #hashtags to join any social buzz (or hear the #crickets from) during the live Cannabis for Caregivers Sessions.

These will work #C4C and #Cannabis4Caregivers.

Thank you for listening.

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

Episode 20. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 05 minutes 17 seconds.

Kind of a macabre’ title? Yes. No blood has spilled yet though. Wait a minute. I take that back. Not much blood has been spilled. Yet.

Nothing more than to reference the “maker” though. All innocent and curious at the same time. Is there a name for that? And are you a maker too?

Getting my life back has been the driving force behind the my Soul Bridge projects and The Caregiver Next Door. Now that force is shifting. All hands on.

Finding employment (aka work) and gathering in elusive revenue while producing satisfying things hasn’t been kind here in the past few years. Talk about healing extremes.

Now I make. Podcast episodes. Digital ink gifts to give. And more. All tied back to my original mission and intention for the my Soul Bridge story. And get out of The Crucible.

Funny how they all share a common thread in some, way, shape, or form from the cannabis plant. Who knew?

Thank you for listening.

OPN: How to Get Your Ohio MMJ “Card”

Episode 19. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 07 minutes 09 seconds.

Just how do you get a medical marijuana recommendation in the state of Ohio right now? Can you?

Is it legal and will it keep qualified patients who already buy and use cannabis illegally on the right side of the law?

Robet Ryan from Ohio Patient Network (OPN) gets a long overdue shout out in this episode as someone doing more to help cannabis patients and physicians in Ohio than any other individual or pro medical marijuana group in the state.

Here’s the man behind the curtains (and on the stage)…

If you have one of the 21 qualifyibg conditions allowed to be treated in the state of Ohio with cannabis, and you want to use medical marijuana now before the Ohio rules are in place, you can do one of two things:

1. Get an Affirmative Defense document from your doctor. This is a document you or your attorney can present to the judge as your defense after you are arrested for, or ticketed for, a marijuana violation or…

2. Get a Medical Marijuana Recommendation from your doctor stating that you are currently being treated for one of the 21 qualifying Ohio conditions and that you have permission from your doctor to try medical marijuana.

Option 2 may also serve as that Affirmative Defense document you or your lawyer can present in a court of law.

I know. Clear as mud.

Bottom line? Robert and OPN called out the state of Ohio for telling doctors they weren’t allowed to legally recommend medical marijuana before state rules exist.

And he created a MMJ recommendation form your Ohio doctor can use today that is proving to work in at least one instance just like that Affirmative Defense (or like an official Ohio MMJ card that doesn’t exist yet).

Download a PDF copy of the OPN MMJ Recommendation form for your doctor here.

Thank you Robert Ryan for speaking up on behalf of Ohio patients and their rights! Thanks too for a tracking tool to help keep Ohioans up to date on where we are in the legislative process.

And thank you all for listening.

Yes. They Do. Women Grow. (and men help)

Episode 18. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 08 minutes 11 seconds.

Opportunity is quiet until it’s time not to be.

Guys? An early question please for anyone operating from the masculine side of the divide in the cannabis space now; What side of history do you want to end up on?

From what I can tell Women Grow is about real adults talking with each other, supporting and sharing with each other, and forwarding the cause of female entrepreneurs to heights never reached before. Good shit.

Have you had a conversation yet with a woman interested in helping cannabis help the people she loves? Have it. But do some homework first. Okay?

Get to know something about founders Jane West and Jazmin Hupp then you’ll know why Women Grow is leading the way.

Thank you for listening.

Steve DeAngelo – Crusading Cannabis Entrepreneur

Episode 17. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 09 minutes 39 seconds.

When it comes to seeing cannabis (aka marijuana) through different eyes there are none better to borrow the vision from than Steve DeAngelo.

Consider him as the Grand Poobah of Harborside, Arcview Jedi, and Ninja warrior fighting for the forward cause at SteepHill.

In Oakland, California lives have changed and continue to change for the better because of good people doing and helping others do the right things when the work needed to happen.

All cannabis use is for medicinal purposes. What I put forth as The Cargiver Next Door’s cannabis decree is in no small way not an inspiration via a great teacher.

Thank you Mr. DeAngelo for connecting from the virtual side of the fence.

And thank you all for listening.

Normal is as NORML Does

Episode 16. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 06 minutes 33 seconds.

Talking about cannabis with other people who want to talk about cannabis is deep in our culture and conversations because of NORML. Thank you for the work you do.

You’ve been out there but I wasn’t paying attention until just recently.

Every word spoken behind an illegal side of a movement toward more normal, fair, and humane consideration for people who use marijuana (aka cannabis), started with their work. Thank you.

No better national online resource for your state laws than here.

And the iconic peer of President Trump (in age only), the distinguished founder who also enjoys marijuana, Keith Stroup.

Or wiki works too.

Thank you for listening. (And reading.)


Episode 15. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 10 minutes 57 seconds.

This one is evergreen and sets the stage well. Foggy days aren’t that way anymore. My intention is that my words are worth the precious listening you choose to give.

In the cannabis portion of the umbrella The Caregiver Next Door is I’ve learned a few things that you might be wondering about too.

These may help. Use them, download them, please share them as the digital ink gifts to give they are. They’re yours…

Will You Say Yes?

Curated Cannabis Information & Resources April 2017

a Cannabis (aka Marijuana) Decree

What About the Kids?

April 2017 Live Cannabis for Caregivers Sessions (virtual)

What are you making? Creative and collaborative conversations always appreciated.

Here’s that timely Cannabis Economy interview between Sath Adler and Debby Goldsberry Likely it will be helpful over the next year or two. Were not in Kansas anymore. Give it a listen because there should always be smarter people than us in the room.

Thank you for listening.

Credible Cannabis Education

Episode 14. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 05 minutes 35 seconds.

If you’re a family caregiver chances are you spend a lot of your time between cargiving duties online.

For me, the Internet was a place to get away from the day-to-day care provider grind as time allowed.

Back then Green Flower Media wasn’t around as a go to resource for quality marijuana (aka cannabis) educational content. A lot has changed in the past several years.

Now as cannabis shifts more into the mainstream of our lives and culture the need for credible (as in no bullshit) information has arrived. Especially here in Ohio.

Green Flower is mission driven to help everyone on the planet with an Internet connection learn about cannabis. And they deliver on that promise with both free and paid content in a big way.

Here are just a few of the many articles worthy of your attention:

45 Ailments Treatable with Cannabis
Treating Depression & Anxiety with Cannabis
Why Cannabis Is the ONLY Effective Treatment for PTSD
Cannabis: A Healthier Alternative for Chronic Pain
How to Choose Your Ideal Cannabis Delivery Method

Check out their twice a week free livestream events here and browse their ample video collection on YouTube as well.

Thank you for listening.

Show & Tell

The Caregiver Next Door – Free Digital Ink Resources

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Will You Say Yes? (PDF)
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Curated Cannabis Information & Resources (PDF)
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a Cannabis (aka Marijuana) Decree (PDF)
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What About the Kids? (PDF)
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20 – Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker (05:17)
19 – OPN: How to Get Your Ohio MMJ “Card” (07:09)
18 – Yes. They Do. Women Grow. (and men help) (08:11)
17 – Steve DeAngelo – Crusading Cannabis Entrepreneur (09:39)
16 – Normal is as NORML Does (06:33)
15 – Headspace (10:57)
14 – Credible Cannabis Education (05:35)
13 – GRO with Zach Guitheus (24:49)
12 – Sensible Bellaire & More with Bill Schmitt Jr. (25:29)
11 – Sensible Logan with Don Keeny (20:44)
10 – Decrim Ohio with Chad Thompson (34:45)
09 – Ohio: The Good, Bad & Ugly (08:53)
08 – The State of the State (07:24)
07 – Mastermind Hotseat Q&A (11:54)
06 – Bonnie’s Ohio Medical Marijuana Rant (03:46)
05 – Intention (06:56)
04 – Farm to Market (07:00)
03 – Endocannabinoid Self-Care (08:04)
02 – Transitions FM (07:31)
01 – Come Out (07:28)
00 – Coming Out Green? (24:30)

Disclosure: As a patient advocate, adult consumer, and concierge consultant for cannabis businesses, Mark Horn, believes in and fully supports safe and regulated cannabis (aka marijuana) access for adults everywhere.

Comments or questions? Here’s how to connect directly with Mark.

GRO with Zach Guitheus

Episode 13. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 24 minutes 49 seconds. NOTE: Audio quality for this episode isn’t the best but the message Zach shares with us is.

Grassroots Ohio (GRO), marijuana, cannabis, industrial hemp, an Ohio constitutional ammendment conversation with Zach Guitheus.

Thank you for listening.