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On the care provider path (and especially afterward) you are going to want resource possibilities for your time to heal and renew.

Here are a few links to online spaces which may help…

From the introduction of my Soul Bridge; a more solid definition of Caregiver Syndrome.

Often you feel alone as a care provider. You’re not. Here is what the profile of the care giver looks like in the big picture view.

Family Caregiver Alliance is a trusted resource many caregivers find useful.

Their own comprehensive Family Care Navigator may be able to direct you to available resources no matter what state you live in.

One of the better forums where you can ask others for input and opinion (plus offer input and opinion of your own) is provided by inside their free Caregiver Support Forum.

Of the many challenges you encounter as a care provider, feeling like you want to give up when life in the crucible closes in is one of the biggest.

Caregivers Caring for Caregivers is here so you don’t lose heart.

Please share your own helpful links to other quality websites in the comments below.

We make every effort to deliver resources we’ve personally used or those shared with us by other care providers just like you.

Note: We do NOT post links for websites developed, maintained or published by pharmaceutical, insurance, elder care or assisted living companies and other commercial enterprises.