Live Cannabis for Caregivers Session (virtual) for April

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Would you like to meet other people via an easy to use technology available to almost everyone?

All you need is a phone.

Would you enjoy listening in or talking with other people just like you who are curious about medical or non medical cannabis?

It would be welcoming from here in Ohio to connect with other like minds as well as people with differing opinion and points of view. All without hours of travel and undue expense. Right?

For the month of April (2017) I’m hosting a live Cannabis for Caregivers session you can dial in to from almost any phone on the planet. From home, work or any comfortable place where you are. Even if you just want to listen in.

The live and open session is…

When: Thursday, April 6, 2017
Time: 11 am EDT (New York) until 12 pm EDT (60 minutes)
Where: 712-432-3100 then enter 220365 for  access
Cost: Free (check with your mobile service provider for any charges or restrictions)

Talking about cannabis (aka marijuana) doesn’t focus on one conversation. There are many ways to explore if you’re curious. And if you are curious about cannabis, you’re not alone.

Now I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Why would you connect to a live group call to talk about cannabis with strangers?

I can’t speak for anyone else but here’s a look at my stance on almost all things cannabis. There are enough talking points in a Cannabis (aka Marijuana) Decree to have adult conversations about (and a bigger picture is here).

And I want to hear your stance on all things cannabis and your good news on the subject. Between the digital ink words and the spoken ones I’ve said enough. It’s time for me to listen.

Are we on the same page or am I just one more bat shit crazy old white guy that enjoys marijuana? If we are on the same page, then lets connect with other people who are on that same page with us.

Helping other people meet each other, and possibly helping people help each other (if the shoe fits) is the mission at hand. When that happens just one time then the whole experiment is a success.

Any adult is welcome to join in the April call. The session call is hosted live on a free US based tele-conference service that most people can easily connect to by phone.

Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virgina lets all make as many real connections with each other as we can. Afterall, we are already in each other’s backyards.

Hear you there on Thursday, April 6 at 11 am – 12 pm EDT for our virtual conversation!

And if you’re on Twitter there will be #hashtags to join any social buzz (or hear the #crickets from) during the live Cannabis for Caregivers Sessions.

These will work #C4C and #Cannabis4Caregivers.

Thank you for listening.

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