Farm to Market

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Marijuana (aka cannabis) comes from the same farm grown commodity whether it is intended for medical use or adult recreational use.

All sellable cannabis (aka marijuana) products start with the flowers from a female plant which is cultivated, harvested, dried, and trimmed to collect the flowers and flower clusters also known as buds.

The marijuana plant is either female or male and each are required to produce the seeds needed to perpetuate the species. But seed isn’t the desired product. 

The prized product is dried and cured seedless flowers from the female plant that are measured in grams and sold at retail to an end user.

MJCharts is a resource to find the daily average retail price a gram of flower sells for in legal marijuana states and cities across the nation.

Production (aka farming) is only one of the infinite conversation paths to go down on the legal cannabis landscape.

What is more important though is finding the conversation you want to have and having it. Go do that.

And thank you for listening.

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