Episode 15. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 10 minutes 57 seconds.

This one is evergreen and sets the stage well. Foggy days aren’t that way anymore. My intention is that my words are worth the precious listening you choose to give.

In the cannabis portion of the umbrella The Caregiver Next Door is I’ve learned a few things that you might be wondering about too.

These may help. Use them, download them, please share them as the digital ink gifts to give they are. They’re yours…

Will You Say Yes?

Curated Cannabis Information & Resources April 2017

a Cannabis (aka Marijuana) Decree

What About the Kids?

April 2017 Live Cannabis for Caregivers Sessions (virtual)

What are you making? Creative and collaborative conversations always appreciated.

Here’s that timely Cannabis Economy interview between Sath Adler and Debby Goldsberry┬áLikely it will be helpful over the next year or two. Were not in Kansas anymore. Give it a listen because there should always be smarter people than us in the room.

Thank you for listening.

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