Mastermind Hotseat Q&A

Episode 07. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 11 minutes 54 seconds.

Every week I get to meet-up with a few Texas friends and colleagues for a roundtable mastermind call.

We cover a lot of topics and offer input, opinion, questions, answers, and ideas for each other as we each take a turn in the virtual hotseat.

When my turn came around on a recent session I asked everyone to come up with a question about marijuana.

My mastermind partners Melodie, Tara, and Kramer all willingly came up with a great question.

No. They’re not cannabis users but they all can likely be counted with the 60% of US citizens that feel marijuana should be legal for adults or the 85% who believe people should have legal access for medical reasons.

Their questions may be your questions too. Listen in. Let me know.

If you are attached to Texas in any way and want to be a part of the adult cannabis conversations going on there then and are good places to start.

And of course no Texas conversation about marijuana would be complete without a last word from a legendary native son…

The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.” – Willie Nelson

Thank you for listening.

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