Steve DeAngelo – Crusading Cannabis Entrepreneur

Episode 17. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 09 minutes 39 seconds.

When it comes to seeing cannabis (aka marijuana) through different eyes there are none better to borrow the vision from than Steve DeAngelo.

Consider him as the Grand Poobah of Harborside, Arcview Jedi, and Ninja warrior fighting for the forward cause at SteepHill.

In Oakland, California lives have changed and continue to change for the better because of good people doing and helping others do the right things when the work needed to happen.

All cannabis use is for medicinal purposes. What I put forth as The Cargiver Next Door’s cannabis decree is in no small way not an inspiration via a great teacher.

Thank you Mr. DeAngelo for connecting from the virtual side of the fence.

And thank you all for listening.

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