GRO with Zach Guitheus

Episode 13. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 24 minutes 49 seconds. NOTE: Audio quality for this episode isn’t the best but the message Zach shares with us is.

Grassroots Ohio (GRO), marijuana, cannabis, industrial hemp, an Ohio constitutional ammendment conversation with Zach Guitheus.

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Sensible Logan with Don Keeny

Episode 11. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 20 minutes 44 seconds.

Decrim Ohio, Sensible Logan, Don Keeny on citizen activism and the local how to in a small Ohio town.

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Ohio: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Episode 09. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 08 minutes 53 seconds.

Ohio marijuana decriminilization, citizen voices, advocacy, and an opiod addiction epidemic.

Holy shit!

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Episode 05. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 06 minutes 56 seconds.

What is your reason for wanting to use cannabis? What do you want to happen? What don’t you want to happen?

When it comes to choosing to use marijuana or not those are important questions to get clear answers for from yourself.

You’re the only one who can answer. Your answers are also the only ones that count.

If you’ve never used cannabis, or it has been a long time since you last used it, get crystal clear on your own “why”.

And if you are already a marijuana user what exactly is your “why”?

Something that may help you figure this out is to grab a pen and a piece of paper and write out your personal reasons.

Also consider the possibility of talking with someone close to you about your “why” if that is an option and talking makes sense for you.

For another perspective check out this personal story and short video by Mandee Lee at Green Flower Media about how to use cannabis with intention.

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Come Out

Episode 01. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 07 minutes 28 seconds.

Download Will You Say Yes? (PDF)

What’s your reason? The greatest conversation starter on the planet and the substance that starts it all doesn’t even need to be in the room.

Tell someone if you can. Tell someone you know and love. But don’t hurt yourself in the process. Be safe out there. Okay?

Download Will You Say Yes? (PDF)

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Photo by Morgan Sessions, from Unsplash

[mSB] – 24

You will manage.

You will recover and your life will once again be yours.

Care giving took a lot out of you and will continue to have some kind of an impact.

There were days (and nights) when you thought you would never get through it.

But you did and you will. Always.

No matter what you may deal with, or may have dealt with, life cannot be the same ever again anymore than yesterday can be today.

Life will continue on as change is the only constant.

Regardless of where you are, or may be, on the care provider path your capacity to heal and renew will grow.

[mSB] – 21

You will always tend to seek out your own natural state of health and wholeness.

Your mind and body has an internal compass pointed at staying well.

This compass is always working whether you are aware of it working or not.

No matter what physical or mental shape you find yourself in, you will always have the choice to go toward health.

[mSB] – 10

Your imagination and dreams are the strongest weapons you have.

No mind game has a chance when you use your imagination and dreams like you did when you were a child.

Remember back when whatever you could imagine or dream was what became real.

There is something to fighting fire with fire after all.

[mSB] – 9

You are the only one with the unique ability to see you as you truly are.

To see you as you means seeing yourself through other eyes.

As an observer who observes, and nothing more, you release yourself from the judgment of anything including the judging of you.

From this place anything becomes possible.

[mSB] – 6

Your own thoughts will amplify and expand on the mind games you play. So play well.

Realize that as someone who thinks, your thoughts create larger versions of themselves to reinforce thoughts which dominate.

While you will never have any complete control of your thoughts, you will always know they are just thoughts and nothing more.

Choose to play mind games you can win and since the thoughts and the games are all yours anyway, you always get to win.