GRO with Zach Guitheus

Episode 13. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 24 minutes 49 seconds. NOTE: Audio quality for this episode isn’t the best but the message Zach shares with us is.

Grassroots Ohio (GRO), marijuana, cannabis, industrial hemp, an Ohio constitutional ammendment conversation with Zach Guitheus.

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Ohio: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Episode 09. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 08 minutes 53 seconds.

Ohio marijuana decriminilization, citizen voices, advocacy, and an opiod addiction epidemic.

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Come Out

Episode 01. Click the arrow on the player above to listen now. Listening time 07 minutes 28 seconds.

Download Will You Say Yes? (PDF)

What’s your reason? The greatest conversation starter on the planet and the substance that starts it all doesn’t even need to be in the room.

Tell someone if you can. Tell someone you know and love. But don’t hurt yourself in the process. Be safe out there. Okay?

Download Will You Say Yes? (PDF)

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What is a Soul Bridge?

my-Soul-BridgeListening time: 09 minutes 30 seconds

This podcast is produced and published as a help resource for anyone who is, or has ever been, a primary care provider for an aging loved one.

The mission of this podcast is to help collect Soul Bridge stories (nothing to do with religion).

Stories any care provider can freely access when they need to know they’re not alone in the crucible of life as a caregiver.

But what is a Soul Bridge?

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[mSB] – 18

You confront mortality more often as a care provider than in any other part of life.

Much of what you deal with as a care giver in the later stages is helping someone to face an end of their life here.

Help by giving gratitude and dignity reflected with beauty and reverence.

Within these mortal interactions you may also become acutely aware of your own mortality.

After all is said and done this is the only common journey we all will take.

That one trip this time around of being birthed from the here and now to what comes next.

[mSB] – 15

You are your own best representation of your own innate value.

Money is only a representation of a value exchange.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Begin to observe all of the ways in which you might bring value or add more value.

Look and listen everywhere for ways to add your value where it isn’t at yet or where you can provide more value for something where value already exists.

People will gladly exchange value (as in monies) for more value as long as what is offered aligns with what they already hold to be valuable.

Look. Listen. Create. Offer. Observe.

Now rinse and repeat.

[mSB] – 11

See what lays before you on the work and career path as new opportunity.

As a care provider know that changes are going happen around the work you do or the career you have. It is guaranteed.

It is also likely change will happen on your work and career path even if care giving isn’t involved.

Yes. Some old doors will close.

Yes. Some new doors will open.

[mSB] – 6

Your own thoughts will amplify and expand on the mind games you play. So play well.

Realize that as someone who thinks, your thoughts create larger versions of themselves to reinforce thoughts which dominate.

While you will never have any complete control of your thoughts, you will always know they are just thoughts and nothing more.

Choose to play mind games you can win and since the thoughts and the games are all yours anyway, you always get to win.

[mSB] – 5

There is already something solid under your feet whenever next steps are required.

Without a doubt you will go through a lot of changes as a care provider.

Knowing you aren’t the only one who has had this experience makes taking any step you must take easier.

Someone has gone before you.

Even if the conversations you have with yourself feel one sided, somewhere in this beautiful world of ours, another person has already had the same conversations with themselves.

You’re not alone. Steps across those bridges you cross already exist. Someone else left those steps behind just for you.

Someone will follow you too.

There are others who will walk the same paths and cross the same bridges you do as a care provider.

Could be your own children or someone you’ve never met who lives thousands of miles away.

The steps you leave for others will guide them just like the steps that were left for your benefit guided you.

All that is required is to take a step even if the step is unseen.

[mSB] – 4

You always have the choice of how you have the care giving experience.

If you decide care giving (is) was the most horrible experience you’ve ever had, then it will be.

If you decide care giving (is) was the most beautiful experience you have ever had, then it will be.

Every moment of your care provider experience offers a choice.

Often your choice shows up as a subtle one or may often appear as a choice less task.

Regardless of how a choice (or the lack of one) shows up, take a moment to dig deeper so you can acknowledge it’s presence.

Recognizing the choice is sometimes all you need to do to feel good in the moment.

You always get to choose so decide to make your choice(s) in directions which feel good.