The Smoke Room

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Hi, my name is Mark Horn and I am the maker and sole proprietor behind The Smoke Room. Welcome.

Crafting and making wooden pipes is work I love to do. As a long time tobacco user a good smoke is always appreciated and creating pleasing pipes for other smokers to enjoy is a hobby I’ve enjoyed for many years.

The Smoke Room is a virtual storefront (and a real place) where I get to share those passions with you.

As a one man show on the path to produce 100+ pieces this year, the work that’s a hobby is more about personal quality delivered than any quantity produced. Always.


In The Smoke Room pipes start as quality all-natural materials amplified by black walnut and brass.

Getting stock rough cut, shaped, and drilled is one piece of the puzzle. Bamboo or glass tell the story too.

Makings for a Wonder pipe ready for final finish with a Lolly pipe body also in line.

Heading over for more lacquer then final finish for the only oak pipe in the collection.


A finished Wonder pipe plus a custom carved Utility Clip. Both in black walnut.

Adding a touch of fantasy colors and golden oak to the mix makes the walnut glow.

Spring 2017 Collection

Available pipes are ready to deliver (United States only). The bad news is some of them are already gone. The good news is there are still several of the best pipes in the collection waiting to be enjoyed. Yours may be right inside…

Clicking This Link To View or Purchase Products Confirms That You Are 21 Years Old or Older